Dentally's online appointment booking allows your patients to book and cancel appointments at their convenience, 24/7, from a single button on your website.

If you sign up to the Patient Portal, your patients can also edit their Medical History forms, update their contact details, and pay the balance on their accounts without having to spend time in the practice.

On this page we tell you what online appointment booking looks like from an existing patient's point of view.

We have a separate webpage - Online Booking Portal for Dental Practices - which tells you about it from a practice point of view.

An existing patient books an appointment online

Dentally Patient Portal welcome screen - with branding

Patients can use the Online Appointment Booking from a button on your website or from a link sent in your correspondence.

Booking options are offered depending on whether they are a new or an existing patient.  

Please note: Patients who are archived cannot access Online Appointment Booking. Patients who have booking restrictions cannot book an appointment online.

Existing Patient Booking

1. The Patient clicks on Existing patient

2. They enter their name and date of birth and click on login

3. They will be sent a code to their phone. They enter the 6 numbers and are then taken to the screen with their appointment details.

4. The main menu appears and they select Book appointment.

Dentally Online Appointment Booking - existing patient

5. The patient waits while the system looks for suitable appointments.

The patient then selects the treatment they would like to book. These are set up for existing patients in your Online Appointment Booking Settings.

6. The patient then selects the practice location, and practitioner.

7.  The patient selects the date and time that suits them. They can select a different day using the Next button at the top of the screen, which will take them to the following week.

8. If a patient wants to change the appointment location of practitioner, they click on Refine.

Dentally Online Appointment Booking Refine Appointment Selection

9.  When they select a day and time, a box appears at the bottom of the screen showing them the details. They click on select. If they wish to change the appointment at this stage, they can go to the top of the screen and select a different day and time.

At this stage a patient has 10 minutes to complete the booking.

10. They are taken to the Account payment screen where they are asked to confirm their choice and pay any deposit. If the patient has an outstanding balance this is shown here.

11. Enter any promotional codes and apply.

12. Click on Pay by card.

13. Enter card details and postcode to confirm payment.

14.  The appointment booking confirmation shows on the screen. The Patient clicks on OK.
15. They receive a text message on their phone detailing their newly booked appointment. They also see a message on screen asking them to confirm or cancel  the appointment.

Online Appointment Booking for Patients

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