Please find below the changelog for January 2020 which summarises our latest product developments and updates.

­čćĽ New: We are delighted to announce that our e-Ortho integration for NHS Scotland and new Orthodontic assessment forms for dental practices across the UK is now live. ┬áDentallyÔÇÖs latest product development is the design of a new orthodontic feature, whereby assessment data can be recorded within the software. ┬áLearn more on our blog.

­čîčImproved: We're given the inbox a refresh so it's easier to see your messages. Multisite practices can now also filter the inbox on a per-site basis.

┬á­čîčImproved: Multisite practices should now be able to filter the appointment list on the dashboard per site.

┬á­čîčImproved: NHS Scotland Ortho submissions now show the practitioner who is associated with the claim.

­čîčImproved: We've added the patient's insurance number to list of available data tags.

­čîčImproved: Automated recalls now show you how many messages are queued and waiting to be sent. This allows you to fine tune your message dispatch rate so you're not sending out your messages too quickly or too slowly.

­čîčImproved: ┬áAutomated recalls are now sent throughout your working day with the exception of the first and last hour that your practice is open.

­čîčImproved: We've improved the performance of some of our slower treatment plan reports so they should now load faster than ever ­čÜÇ┬á

­čîčImproved: Specialists and Doctors can now be archived when they're no longer needed.

­čÉŤ Fixed: Messages queued as part of the automated recall process are now dispatched in the same order as they're queued. This only became an issue if you had a large volume of recalls waiting to be dispatched.

If you have any queries please talk to the Support team today or email us [email protected]

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