Condensed charting allows users to change the chart display from four rows of teeth (two baseline rows and two treatment planning rows) into two rows of teeth that combine both baseline and planned treatment. 

You may choose to disable condensed charting and the charted treatment will display in either view; the treatment information is stored identically using either method.

To turn on Condensed Charting

Once Dentally has allowed Condensed Charting for the practice, it is an individual's choice to turn on condensed charting for their login.

To enable condensed charting, click on the down arrow to open Chart Options >  Enable Condensed Charting.

To disable condensed charting, go to Chart Options > Disable Condensed Charting.

condensed charting

Charting with Condensed Charting

When charting in condensed charting mode, treatments that are yet to be completed, display in orange.

Charting treatment in condensed charting mode works in the same way as existing charting. When viewing a treatment plan, clicking on a tooth will add the treatment to that treatment plan. 

Base Chart Option

To add treatments to the base chart just go to the base chart tab as normal.
You can hide the baseline charting by clicking on the Base Option.

When you are charting on the Base Chart Tab, the option to hide the base chart is disabled.

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