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How to configure my chart view?
How to configure my chart view?

Turning on/off a combined chart and how this affects the rows on your graphical chart.

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How to turn on/off a combined chart?

  • Navigate to a patient's 'Chart' screen.

  • Click on the cog icon βš™οΈ in the lower right of the chart next to your charting tabs.

  • This will open your 'Charting preferences' screen.

  • Underneath the 'Combine base and treatment chart' section, you can choose between a 'Separate (four rows)' or 'Condensed (two rows)' chart.

πŸ“ Please note: The 'Combined chart' was previously referred to solely as 'Condensed charting'. These are the same thing and should be thought of as such.

Using a combined chart

Here are just a few tips to note when using a combined graphical chart:

  • With only two rows, your treatment and base items are combined, but you can control what you see using the PD, DD and Base buttons in the top left of your chart.

  • Planned treatment will appear blue until completed. It will then change colour and move to the base chart once complete.

  • You can toggle between the two chart views at any time. Simply swap these back in the 'Charting preferences' menu.

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