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How to find Patient Cancellation information, including cancellation reasons, using the Appointments Report in Dentally
How to find Patient Cancellation information, including cancellation reasons, using the Appointments Report in Dentally

How to find your cancelled patient data using the Appointments Report. Cancellation reason

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It is often useful to know how many patients cancel, and their reasons for cancelling. You find this out from your Appointments Report.

Dentally - Appointments Report icon

Go to Reports>  Appointments Section > Appointments Report

  •  Use the filters to Select whether you want to filter by the date the appointment was meant to take place, or the appointment was booked.   If you are unsure, use the "i for information" to select the correct filter.

Dentally - Appointments Report filters
  • Now select the Date range.

  • Use Location if you have more than one site

  • You will want to set the Status filter to Cancelled, or Did Not Attend

Dentally Appointments Report - Filter on Appointment status
  • If you select Status Cancelled, a new box will appear - Cancellation Reason

  • Select the appropriate Cancellation Reason from the list

Dentally - Appointment Reason Report - Cancellation Reason
  • Select which Practitioner you want to look at the cancellations for, or select All 

  • Select Future to see patients with or without future appointments booked

Dentally - Appointments Report - Future appointments filter
  •  Keep the Patients filter as With Patients

  • The Reason filter applies to appointment reasons; Exam, Scale + Polish, etc.

  • Payment Plan filter refers to NHS, or Denplan, etc. Select All or the appropriate payment plan.

  • Booked by will filter by member of staff who booked the appointment

  • Booked Online will include those booked using the online Booking appointment facility, or you can exclude online bookings completely.

Dentally - Appointment Report - Booked online filter

The Appointment Report Screen

Dentally Appointment Report Display

After you have applied the filters, you will see your report showing your cancelled patients.

There may be a couple of images on the Report.

The pencil denotes an appointment booking note.
The lightning bolt indicates that the appointment was edited using the online booking appointment system.


If you wish, you can export the data from the Report to use it in a spreadsheet outside of Dentally. To do this, click on the Export button.

Appointments Report

To learn more about the Appointments Report and how you might use it, we have a number of support information and tutorial webpages for you to refer to.

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