Dentally's Tasks allow you to create, assign and keep track of your tasks for you, your team and your practice to ensure that no tasks are ever forgotten.

Tasks Report

tasks report

To access your tasks, click on the Tasks icon on the left hand Dentally menu.

On the left-hand side there are filters so that you can see

  • The date range which tasks are is due between

  • The person who the tasks are assigned to

  • Are you looking for completed or not completed tasks

  • Display subtasks

task list

In the main window, you will see

  • task name

  • notes

  • status indicators

  • patient details

  • the person the tasks is assigned to

  • task due date

  • more details link

Add a new task

To add a new task click on +Add Task button.

To add a new task

  •  Enter the task name

  • The person who will be completing the task - the assignee

  • The date the task must be completed by - the due date

  • If the task is about a particular patient, the patient name. 

  • Is the task a priority task? Priority tasks have a red exclamation marker in the status line.

  • Is the task public or private? If public, anyone can see the task. If private, only the person assigned to complete the task will see it.

  • Is the task to be completed once only, or does it need to be completed regularly? If more than once, select the interval for the repeat. A weekly task repeats weekly, every 1 week. A monthly task repeats monthly, every 1 month.  If you need to select a different time period, use the option periodically and select the number of days, weeks or months. Periodical tasks allow you to assign a period for the task to be repeated once it has been completed. For example, once a task has been completed, whenever that it, it then needs to be done 2 weeks later.

  • Add notes if you need to explain more to the assignee about what they need to do to complete this task. See also Subtasks below

  • Save the task. 

Once saved, the task appears in the task report list.

check waiting list

In this example you can see the title, that it was marked as a priority,  it has notes, it is a recurring task, who it is assigned to and the due date.

Add a subtask

A subtask is a smaller task that describes the tasks needed to complete the main task. For example, in the case of a task "Check waiting lists" two additional tasks could be 

  • Contact patients waiting longest

  • Book appointment

To add a subtask, first open the main task.
Scroll down to the bottom of the main task and click on +Subtask

You can see the name of the main task at the top of the subtask window.

  •  Complete the subtask details in the same way as the main task

  • Save the subtask

Repeat this process for as many subtasks as are required.

When a task has a subtask, you see the number of subtasks in the status indicator area on the task line. This example has 1 sub task.

To see the task and subtask in detail, click on the Details link to the right of the task line.

Change the display filters to display subtasks to Yes and you will see each task and its subtasks as a list

display filters

Quick Edit task and subtask names

If you notice a spelling mistake or want to quickly edit the task or subtask names, you can do this in the task list.

  • Click in the task/subtask name and overtype or retype the details. 

  • Hit the enter key to save these quick changes.

Add a task regarding a specific patient

If you need to add a task for a staff member to deal with a specific patient, you can also add the task directly from the patient's records. From the Tasks tab in the patient's record, you can create a new task and the patient will be assigned to the task for you.
If you are creating the task from the tasks menu on the left of your Dentally screen, you need to manually search for and select the patient.

  • Add a task in the usual way completing all fields.

  • In the patient field type the name of the patient.

  • Select the patient from the list of patients presented

  • Continue to complete the task, adding subtasks as required.

  • Save the task.

  •  The patient's name will appear in the task list.

  •  Click on the patient name to open the patient details in the same tab.

  • Click on the icon to open the patient details in a new tab.

Call a patient from within a task


To Call a patient from a task

  •  Open the task by clicking on Details >

  • Click on the Call the patient icon.

  • Select the number to call from the patient's details

  • Click on Call from browser

call from browser

  • Please note you need to have patient calling enabled. For help with patient calling from Dentally please refer to our helpful web page - Make a phone call from Dentally

  • Calling from within a task will be noted in the patient's correspondence tab.

Complete a task or subtask

  • To compete a task, or subtask, open the task, by clicking on Details >

  • Add notes if you need to record the actions and outcomes

  • Click on Mark Complete

Tasks marked as complete have a green tick in the task list.

Completed tasks in Task Report

You can filter the Task Report by Complete / Not complete.

  •  Set the Completed filter to "Yes"

  • Now you will have several additional filter options.

  • Filter by date

  • Decide whether to show subtasks

Completed items are shown as a green circle with a white tick on the tasks report.

If you click on a completed task, the details of the completion, are shown on the task.

task complete

Duplicate a task

To save time, for tasks where the majority of the task is the same, but a small part is different, such a patient name, or due date, you can duplicate a task, along with its subtasks.

To duplicate a task,

  • Open the task by clicking on Details >

  • Click on the Duplicate icon

  • Amend details as appropriate

  • Save the new task

Set a Follow-up task

If you need to ensure a sequence of tasks use the Follow-Up task option.
Follow up tasks continue the sequence of events after the original task is completed.
To set up a follow-up task, 

  • Open the task by clicking on Details >

  • Click on Follow Up task icon

  • Add details as appropriate

  • Save the follow-up task

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