As you start to fill your appointment book, after returning from COVID-19 closure, you may wish to contact those patients whose appointments you had to cancel.

You can find them quickly and easily using the Appointments report.

  • Select the Appointments Report

  • Select the date filters

  • Select Status - Cancelled

  • This opens an additional option - Cancellation Reason

  • Select the Cancellation Reason you used when you cancelled the patients' appointments.

  • You may select one option or All from this menu.

  • You can Export the list of cancelled appointments so that you can contact the patients easily

  • Or you can select the patients individually from the list and contact them directly in the usual way

  • Remember that you can make phone calls directly from Dentally. For help with Making a phone call from Dentally, see our helpful web page.

Helpful Web pages

Restart Manual Recalls

Restart Automated Recalls

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