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Pay for treatment online with a payment link sent straight from the practice to the patient.

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Use the payment link option from the Account tab so that patients pay for their treatment immediately, online, without the need for interaction with Reception staff.

The Payment link links to the patient's account balance, not individual treatments. Use the invoice for individual items. You can email the invoice/receipt.

Please note the link only expires after it’s used by the patient to make the payment.

Add Stripe

Before you can take online payments using the payment link, you need to add your Stripe account.

If you do not have a Stripe account, you need to set one up.

Dentally Online Payment link add Stripe
  • Settings > Sites > Online payments tab

  • Follow the on-screen instructions to link with Stripe.

  • Chart and charge treatment from the Treatment Plan as usual.

  • From the account tab select Send Payment Link

Dentally Send payment link via SMS
  • The default template cannot be edited.

  • The payment link is automatically generated and links with the patient account balance.

  • If you are happy with the wording, click on Send.

Custom SMS template

  • If you want to create your own SMS you can do this under Settings > Templates > SMS > New Template

  • Add the phrase you wish to show on your SMS and the data tag [patient_payment_link]

  • REMEMBER that each SMS message is 160 characters in length. If you exceed the 160 characters, you will be charged for 2 SMS messages. Keep your text short.

  • Save your new template.

Dentally payment link SMS Template
  • To use the template, select Send Payment Link

  • Delete the current text

  • Select the custom SMS template

  • The customised SMS text will display

  • Send the SMS

Dentally Send SMS Payment link

Send Payment Link by email

You can send the payment link by email.

  • Set up a new email template from Settings > Templates > Email > New Template

  • In your wording add the following data tag [patient_payment_link]

  • The data tag links to the account balance.

  • When you are happy with your wording, Save the email template

To use the email template

  • Go to the Patient Correspondence tab

  • New Correspondence

  • Select the payment link template

  • Send the email

You can copy the payment link to the clipboard and use it to send in an email, or SMS if you wish to.

Dentally Copy payment link to clipboard
  • Go to the patient's account tab

  • Click on Payment Link

  • Select Copy to Clipboard

  • You can now paste the unique payment link into an email, or SMS message or wherever you need it.

Payment recorded in Dentally

Dentally Payment record in patient's record

Payments are recorded in the patient's account tab with the Payment Method of Stripe.

Minimum Payment amount

There is a minimum online payment amount of £0.50.

If a patient's outstanding account is less than £0.50 the payment link will not be successful.

Admin Charges

We do not take any money for payments made, however, Stripe may do and this will depend on your direct agreement with them and so we recommend you check with them to confirm.

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