Dentally's chat function makes it really easy for you to chat with other members of the team for those quick conversations you need to have without being face to face.

Turn on Chat

In line with all add-on services in Dentally, the chat function is turned on in the Billing Section of the Practice Settings page.
Go to Settings > Practice Settings > Billing tab and Add the Chat function.

Once activated, the chat is in the bottom left-hand corner of every screen. Click on the speech bubbles to see a list of all members of the team.

NB. If you cannot see the speech bubble on your computer, click F5 and refresh the screen. The Speech bubbles should then appear. You should only need to do this once.

A Blue dot indicates that team member is online and ready to chat. You can chat with any member of the team, but those with a white dot are not currently online. They will be able to pick up your message once they log in to Dentally.

Click on the team member's name and the chat window opens on the bottom right of your screen. Click in the Message section at the bottom to type your message. The message and any reply is displayed in the top part of the window.

Maximise and Minimise the Chat window

You can minimise, maximise and close the chat window using the window controls.

When minimised, if a member of your team is replying to your message, you will see the bubble with dots.

When minimised, if there is a message waiting for you, the chat window turns blue. Click on the window control to open it.

When you have finished chatting, close the window as normal.

Add an Emoji

To add an emoji, click on the smiley at the bottom right of the chat window.

To search for an appropriate emoji, use the emoji search. Type in the search term and select the emoji that suits your message.

Chat History

You CANNOT clear or delete chat history.

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