Making a phone call from within Dentally:

  1. Saves you time

  2. Ensures all correspondence is integrated seamlessly into the patient record

  3. Allows staff working from home to make calls to patients without giving out their personal phone numbers. In this way it helps with any Telephone Triage service you might be offering.

This is an OUTBOUND call service. It allows you to call from Dentally. It does not allow patients who miss the call to call you back.

This service is currently free of charge (April 2020) while under test. When charges are to be added for this service, Dentally will alert you in good time so that you can choose whether to continue to use the service.

Advice on sound quality:

Please ensure that your computer has access to a working microphone.

We strongly advise using a headset while using a PC to place phone calls.

If you use a built in microphone while making calls, remember that this will naturally pick up background noise and will not be as clear as when using a close range microphone.

We recommend placing a test phone call to check your sound quality before calling patients.

To turn on Phone Calls from Dentally

Calling enabled

You will know that calling is enabled when you see the Call button from within a patient's record.

To make a Call

  • Click on the Call button

  • Select the phone number you wish to dial You will have the choice of all of the numbers in the patient's details.

  • Click on Call from Browser.

  • As the phone is ringing, a new dialog box appears in the bottom left of the details screen. It allows you to record details of the call.

  • To end the call, click on the Hang up button, or end the call from your phone in the usual way.

  • When you hang up, the dialog box remains open and on screen so that you can continue to write up your notes.

  • Click on Save to save the notes to the patient's correspondence page.

  • Close the dialog box.

  • If you click on Cancel, for example if the patient did not answer and you do not wish to make any notes, the box will close and no notes will be saved in the correspondence tab, although a record of the call will still show.

The Patient's correspondence tab

  • When a patient has been called from within Dentally, the call is registered in the patient's correspondence tab. If no notes are made, or saved, no notes are recorded.

  • Saved Notes show in the notes section of the screen and can be Viewed - click on View - and Edited - click on Edit - in the usual way.

  • If you Edit notes, remember to Save your changes.

To register a new number to call from

Using this service, the patient will receive a call from the Dentally SMS number. You can alter this, if you wish.

You only need to do this once per phone number.

  • From the Call dialog box select the number you wish to make a call from. (If you have no option, the call will be made from the Dentally SMS number.)

  • Click on the Add new phone number button

Please Note that this number MUST be registered in the same country as the practice.

  • Enter the phone number you wish to make the calls FROM.

Please note that you cannot hide caller ID so the number will be visible to your patients.

  • Select whether you wish this number to be available to all members of your team, or just to you.

  • Dentally generates a security code.

  • You will receive a phone call from Point Reyes, CA, asking you to enter this security code when requested into the phone you wish to make the calls from.

  • Enter the code

  • The message will tell you that it has been entered correctly.

  • A message box now shows on your computer screen telling you that the number has been successfully validated.

  • You may now use this phone number to make calls from Dentally.

  • Click on Call from Browser and select the number you wish to make a call from. Your newly validated number will now be one of your options.

  • To use the the number, remember the Phone Number to Call is the patient's number. Caller ID is the number you wish to the patient to see when you make the call.

If you enter the validation code incorrectly, or do not pick up the code, you have to start the process from the beginning.

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