Using a template for repetitive tasks saves you time and makes sure that you capture all the important information you need. Use our COVID-19 template to assist you with your patient assessment - this will add the custom fields section automatically to a treatment in your services list.

To create the COVID-19 assessment first go to to Settings > Treatments and Plans. To do this, you must have Level 4 (Administrator) permissions or you need to have "Can edit Templates" set as an opt-in permission in Settings > Users > Security.

Create a new treatment.

Dentally create new treatment
  • Create a new treatment. You may wish to call it something like "COVID-19 assessment".

  • Complete the mandatory fields, Treatment Code and Nomenclature. You can add the Patient Friendly Name if you wish.

  • Save the Treatment.

  • Set the Region to Patient and the Category to Diagnostic.

  • Set the Price and the Times for each payment plan.

  • Click on Fields

Download our Template file

You need to download the COVID-19 assessment from here .

Dentally COVID-19 Assessment custom fields
  • Save it to your downloads or your desktop. It needs to be saved somewhere you can find it easily. You will need to unzip this file before uploading into Dentally.

  • From the fields button click on Import from file.

  • Locate the file and upload.

  • The fields will now show in your new treatment template.

  • Save the treatment template

To use template open a treatment plan.

Dentally COVID-19 Assessment template
  • Locate the COVID-19 treatment that you have just made and double click to put the treatment into the treatment plan

  • Go to the fields tab and and there you will see the new custom fields for the COVID-19 assessment.

  • Complete the assessment.

  • Complete the treatment in the usual way

Make the treatment a favourite

Click on the star next to the treatment to add the treatment to your list of favourites.

Dentally - make COVID-19 Assessment a favourite treatment

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