You can use the Waiting List to fill available calendar slots with patients who have been waiting for appointments.

The Waiting List Report

Waiting List Filters

Set the Filters:

  • Waiting List - select your individual Waiting List

  • Days Waiting - Select from 90+ days

  • Status - Overdue

  • Priority - Select High, Medium or Low.

  • Sorting - Appointment Target Desc - will give you the appointment target date earliest first. So you can see who has been on the waiting list the longest.

You can Export the data.

You can now book an appointment for the patients.

Book an Appointment from the Waiting List

  • To book an appointment from the Waiting List Report, click on the Open in new window icon to open the waiting list dialog box and book an appointment immediately. (This is the way we recommend you use the Waiting List.)

  • A new window scrolls across the screen

  • Scroll down to the Appointment Section.

  • Select Practitioner if required

  • Select Create Appointment

  • The Appointment is now copied to the clipboard

  • Return to the Calendar

  • There will be a new addition to the clipboard

  • Select the appointment from the clipboard and drop it into the gap on your calendar appointment book

  • The appointment will be booked, will show in the patient's appointment tab, and will show in the Waiting list that it has been booked.

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