You may wish to use a promotional code to welcome patients back into the practice as you restart after the COVID-19 break.

Promotional codes are available only through the Patient Portal.

Set up a Promotional Code

Add promotional codes to your settings so that patients can pay for treatments using the code.

To create a promotional code, go to your Dashboard

  • Click on the Promotional Code icon

  • OR

  • Select Patient Promotional codes

  • Select Add a new Promotional code

  • Give the code a name, which will be shown to the patient

  • Give the code a simple code. This is what the patient will type in.

  • Select whether you are going to give a percentage discount, or a fixed amount in the currency in your settings.

  • Select the amount of the promotional discount.

  • Now select the Redemption limits

  • Do you want the code to last a certain length of time, or limit how many times it can be used, or limit it to certain treatments only?

  • If you limit to certain treatments, these can be selected from the drop down list of available treatments.

  • Save your changes.

  • The Promotional code is active immediately.

How a Patient uses the Promotional code

Patients can use the promotional codes to pay for treatment using the Patient Portal with Online Booking Appointment.

To pay using the Promotional Code:

  • Once the patient has selected their treatment

  • their preferred practitioner

  • their preferred date

  • their preferred appointment time

  • And, if they are a new patient, completed their patient details.

  • At the Basket, scroll down to below the Pay by Card button

  • Where it says Gift Card and Promotional code, type in the promotional code

  • Click Apply

  • The promotional code money off will then display and a new total will display.

  • Now click Pay By Card to pay the new amount.

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