Dentally is in the process of adding new SMS templates and automation for you to send out Covid-19 screening messages. We estimate that this will be available in July. As an interim solution we recommend you use the Appointment Confirmation and Appointment Reminders within Dentally.

You can update your appointment reminders in Dentally by going into Settings > Practice Settings > Patient Communication:

Example Templates:

These are examples of what you might wish to say, including any data tags. Please remember that SMS messages may contain up to 152 characters. Messages longer than 152 characters will be charged at multiples. You are warned about the character length as you compose the SMS messages.

Appointment Confirmation - Existing reminder system (2 days before)

[patient_title] [patient_last_name], You have a dental appointment at [practice_name], [practice_postcode] on [appointment_time_all].

We have new measures to ensure our patient safety at the practice, our new procedures are ..... NEEDS TO BE FILLED IN BY PRACTICE IDEALLY WITH LINK TO PRACTICE WEBSITE

Appointment Reminder - Existing reminder system (1 day before)

You have a dental appointment at [practice_name] on [appointment_time_all].

Please fill out your medical history securely using this link prior to coming to your appointment. [patient_medical_link]

Following government guidelines please confirm that you don't have any of the following before coming to the practice

– Do you have a new, continuous cough?

– Do you have a high temperature (37.8C or over)?

– Does anyone in your household have a new, continuous cough or a high temperature?

– If you or anyone in your household has tested positive for coronavirus, are you still in the self/household isolation period?

If you answer yes to any of these questions please contact the practice on [practice_phone] and more information can be found at

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