The self check-in features allows you to send an SMS for patients arriving at the practice just prior to their appointment time at the practice. The patient clicks on this link and check themselves in as they arrive on site. This will change their status in Dentally to ‘Arrived’

Set up Self Check-in

It is simple to set up for your dental practice. You need to use the data tag [appointment_check_in_link] to an SMS or email or you can use the new default SMS template we have added called Appointment Self Check-in.

Appointment Self Check-in SMS Template

Use your own Template

If you want to create your own SMS you can do this under Settings > Templates > SMS > New Template

  • Add the phrase you wish to show on your SMS and the data tag [appointment_check_in_link]
  • REMEMBER that each SMS message is 152 characters in length. If you exceed the 152 characters, you will be charged for 2 SMS messages. Keep your text short.
  • Save your new template.

To save you time we have already added a SMS template to each practice that you could use. You will find this in Settings > Templates > SMS > Appointment Self Check In

Example Template:

In line with government guidelines we are operating a closed door policy at [practice_name]. We are requesting patients self check in using the following link when you have arrived at the practice whilst waiting outside.


Please note: In order for Dentally to know which appointment to create the check in link for, the message containing the data tag must be sent from the appointment.

This means that the message containing the self check in data tag must be sent from the appointment in the calendar, or using the automated appointment reminder/confirmation option.

To send the Appointment Self Check In from an appointment in Calendar

  • Go to the Appointment in the Calendar
  • Right click on the appointment
  • Select Send SMS
  • Select the Appointment Self Check In template
  • Check the wording is correct
  • Send SMS

When the patient clicks on the link, it will take them to a page that allows them to check in 30 minutes prior to their appointment.


Patients tap on the "I have arrived" button.

Selecting the button will mark their appointment as "Arrived" in the calendar.

As well as the practitioner the patient is coming to see, any users with the role "Reception" will also get a notification to let them know that the patient is waiting (in the same way that practitioners currently get arrival notifications). Reception users will need to check their notifications button.


If a patient clicks on the link before the 30 minutes, the page will display a message to advise them that check is not yet open. This prevents anyone from checking in too early.


Send Appointment Check-in using Appointment Reminder

You can also use the Appointment Reminders for self check-in.

We have a web page to help you - Appointment Reminders for Covid-19 Restart

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