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Pay for Treatment using the Patient Portal
Pay for Treatment using the Patient Portal
How a patient pays for treatment using the Patient Portal including applying promotional codes, view invoices
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As part of a contactless reception, patients can pay for treatment through the patient portal on their mobile devices.

Dentally Patient Portal Payments tab
  • Patients use your online booking link from your website

  • They select Existing patient

  • Patients log in with their name and date of birth

  • They enter the verification code sent to their mobile.

  • They see their menu.

  • If there is an outstanding amount due on the account, there is an exclamation mark

  • Patients tap on the payments

  • The outstanding balance is shown.

  • They tap on pay

  • They are taken to their Basket

  • By default, the setting is to pay the whole outstanding amount. If they wish to pay a different amount, they click on "Edit Amount" and enter the amount they wish to pay.

  • They select Pay by card.

  • Patients enter their card details and select Pay

Dentally Patient Portal Promotional Codes

To apply a promotional code

  • At the point at which patients are asked for their card details, beneath the card payment button, use the fields for "Gift cards and Promotional Codes".

  • Enter your promotional code and click Apply

  • The promotion discount will be applied to your balance.

  • Pay for the remaining balance as normal

Dentally Patient Portal Promotional code

To view an invoice

Patients can view their outstanding and previous invoices for the past 3 months.

Dentally Patient Portal - view invoices
  • Select pay now to pay the invoice

  • Click on Actions menu to return to the main menu

Check payment has arrived

  • Payments will appear in the patient's account tab as you would expect.

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