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You manage your Patient Portal with Online Appointment Booking from your Dashboard. The features you have access to depends upon your Plan - Online Booking Appointment, or Patient Portal or both.

Patient Treatments

Here you can manage which treatments are available to patients via the Online Booking appointment system.

Dentally Patient Portal Dashboard showing Patient Treatment option

Add a new treatment

  • Add A New Treatment - this button is found at the bottom of your current treatment list.

    Dentally Patient Portal New Treatment options

  • Is this a recall appointment? i.e. will a recall trigger this type of appointment (exam, scale and polish, exam scale and polish or any other treatments you have set up for recalls).

  • Treatment name - This will be a short name which is displayed to patients on the list of available treatments.

  • Treatment Description - This is a longer description of what the patient can expect if they select this treatment.

  • Treatment Reason - This must match EXACTLY the Treatment Reasons in Dentally. When you select treatment reason, if you cannot see the reason, select "Other" and type in the Reason as it appears in Dentally.

  • If you need to create a new Treatment Reason, a Level 4 Admin (or another member f staff with appropriate permissions) can do this in Dentally - Settings > Diary > Appointment Reasons.

  • Practitioners - Select which Practitioner(s) can take online bookings for this treatment.

Bookable for:

  • Select whether this treatment is bookable by new patients, existing patients or both

  • Select the Payment Plan, the duration, the price and any deposit required at the time of booking.

  • It is easier if you initially set Patients up as either NHS or Private. Once in surgery, you can discuss with them the appropriate plan going forward.

  • A new patient created in Dentally will be assigned to the payment plan they choose from this new patient treatment.

    Dentally Patient Portal Edit existing treatment

  • If you want to ensure that existing patients have attended at least 1 appointment, you can set this condition here.

Dentally Patient Portal management - existing patient 1 completed appointment

Booking Terms and Conditions

patient portal existing patient
  • When setting up treatments, include the booking terms and conditions. This is available for both New and Existing patients.

  • If you do not have any terms already in the system, add a new set of terms directly from the screen.

  • Select Create New Terms

    dentally new terms

  • Add in your booking terms and conditions

  • Save.

  • When you create a new Treatment, you can select an existing set of booking terms from the drop down list or create a new set of terms.

We have a support document that talks in detail about managing terms and conditions in the online appointment bookings here.

Manage Existing Treatments

To manage existing treatments, click anywhere in the treatment line and the Edit treatment box will appear.

selection patient portal

Make Treatment Not Available for booking

  • To quickly make the treatment unavailable for booking, click on the 3 dots to the right of the treatment

  • Click on Edit

  • Scroll down the form until you come to Bookable for

Dentally Patient Portal and Online Appointment Booking - Bookable for option in Management Settings
  • Untick the box next to New or Existing patients.

  • This will remove it as an option from your portal.

  • You can re-enable it in future if required by ticking it once again

Delete a treatment from the treatment list

  • To delete the treatment completely, click on the treatment list and select Remove from the 3 dots at the far right-hand side.

    Dentally Patient Portal Edit or remove a treatment

Treatment Options

To change or add options such as making the treatment available to existing patients on a particular payment plan, or adding a deposit for existing patients,

  • Edit the treatment


  • Select whether the treatment is available for New or Existing patients or both.

  • Select the appropriate payment plan

  • Select the practitioners (where appropriate)

  • Add the price and the deposit for the specified payment plan

  • Save

Dentally Patient Portal how to edit a treatment

Change the order of treatments

Treatments appear in your treatment list in the order in which you created them.

  • To change the order of treatments, click on the link at the bottom of the screen

    change order of treatments

  • Click on the link

  • Select the treatment you want to move

  • Move it up or down the treatment list

  • When you are satisfied with the order, click Finish Reordering.

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