Dentally Patient Portal Settings Tab

Under Settings you manage your Patient Portal and Online Appointment Booking options.

Here you will manage Appointments/Cancellations Policy, Communications, Calendar Sessions, Text, Branding and Practice settings.

Dentally Patient Portal Settings Menu options

Appointments/Cancellation policy

Cancellation Policy

These settings are initially set for you during the set up process, but you are able to change them at any time.

Change settings to allow Private patients or NHS patients to cancel online.

Changes are automatically saved.

Dentally Patient Portal Cancellation Policy options

Recall Appointments

You can set which recall appointments are available to your Private or NHS patients.

Select the type of appointments

Dentally Patient Portal Settings Recall Appointment Options

My Dental Portal Practitioner Selection

If a patient has a dentist assigned to them, the default is always to assign their regular dentist. However, you can change this here. You can select that the patient can book an appointment with any practitioner.

Dentally Patient Portal Settings Dental Practitioner selection

Appointment Visibility

Dentally Patient Portal Settings Booking slot visibility

You can limit the maximum number of available slots each day or you can show all available slots.

Multi-Site Options

Dentally Patient Portal Settings Multi-site selector

For sites with multiple practices, you can choose to ensure patients always select an individual site, or allow them to choose any site that is available.

New Patient Form fields

Select the fields you require new patients to complete on the signup form.

Dentally Patient Portal New Patient form

Weeks Ahead

You can set how far in advance patients can book their future appointments.

Dentally Patient Portal future appointment limits

Multiple or Back to Back Appointments

Patients may wish to book multiple appointments. Here you can select the minimum and maximum time between appointments.

Dentally patient portal multiple appointments

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