Dentally Patient Portal Settings Tab

Under Settings you manage your Patient Portal and Online Appointment Booking options.

Here you will manage Appointments/Cancellations Policy, Communications, Calendar Sessions, Text, Branding and Practice settings.

Dentally Patient Portal Calendar Session settings

Calendar Sessions

Dentally Calendar Sessions

If you have Calendar sessions set up in Dentally, by default you cannot book appointments during these times. However, Online Appointment Booking can be configured to ALLOW the appointments that can be booked during these sessions.

Create Appointment Rule

Dentally Patient Portal Add Calendar session
  • Click Add Rule.
  • The Session Title must match the session title in Dentally EXACTLY.
  • Select the payment plan and appointment type this session is for.
  • Click Save.

Editing Calendar Session rules

Dentally Patient Portal Edit session

To edit a calendar session,

  • Select the session from the list.
  • Click anywhere in the row to bring up the edit screen
  • Make the desired changes
  • Save

Delete / Remove Calendar Session Rules

To remove a calendar session in the Online Appointment Booking

Dentally Patient Portal remove calendar session
  • Click on the 3 dots to the right of the row
  • Select Remove

Please note this does NOT remove the session in the calendar in Dentally. It removes the ability to create appointments during those sessions using the Online Appointment Booking.

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