The multi-site switcher makes it simple for Practitioners who work across multiple sites to log in to Dentally with one user account.

A user logs in with their one Dentally login, and if they are set up as Practitioners on multiple sites, the multi-site switcher allows them to select where they are working that day.

multi site question box

If a multisite user has multiple practitioner accounts linked to their user account then this switcher will automatically appear the first time they log in each day.

Practitioner activity is recorded against their selected location.

Set up a new user account with multi-site access

To set up a user account for a Practitioner who works across multiple sites:

  • First set up the new user

  • Then set the user up as a Practitioner for one site

  • Under the Practitioner Menu

  • Select another site

  • Add a new Practitioner

  • Select the User from the list.

  • Enter all the details as required.

  • Save

If you are unsure how to set up a new user, we have a helpful web page.

When the user next logs in to Dentally, they will see the multi-site option at login. They select their location for the session. They will see all their appointments from that location. The work they perform will all be attributed to that location.

To Migrate users who have multiple logins to a single login

Existing users that have multiple logins will want to migrate to a single login. This will need to be done manually for each user.

There are 2 stages to this process.

1) Identify the main account that the user wants to continue to use and archive all of the other user accounts.

2) Find the practitioner accounts that were linked to the now archived user accounts and click edit. You can then change the user associated with the practitioner from the old, archived user to the single existing user.

Users can only have one practitioner account per site so if you don't see the user appear in the list of available users, this will be because either the user account is archived or the user is already a Practitioner at that site.

To archive a user account

permission level

Go to the list of all users

  • Select the user account you wish to archive

  • Go to the Security section

  • Set the permission level to 0

  • Save


Where the Practitioner and Location is shown on Reports, the Practitioner name and location is now shown.

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