Practice Settings - NHS settings

Practice settings - NHS settings

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Practice Settings is the place to go when you need to manage practice details. Site Settings is where you manage settings for your site. You must have Level 4 (Administrator) permissions to alter Practice settings.

Select Settings and click Practice Settings.

practice settings dentally

Practice Setting is split into 7 tabs:

If you have asked to Export your Dentally data, there will also be an Export tab here.

Practice Settings - NHS tab

nhs practice settings dentally

NHS Options

  • If you are an NHS practice, enable NHS settings in Dentally here

  • Select the NHS country - England, Wales, or Scotland

  • Enable the Orthodontics module here

  • Enable Case Mix for NHS Scotland here

  • Save your NHS Option changes

NHS Contracts

  • Add or edit your NHS contracts including targets and dates and associated Practice Location.

  • Click +New to open up a dropdown box and insert the information.

Dentally Practice Settings - Add a NHS contract
  • Complete the new NHS Contract fields and save.

  • The new contract will appear in your NHS contract list and will appear in your list of NHS contracts when you submit a claim through the chart tab.

  • To edit an existing contract click the edit icon. Edit and amend the NHS Contract details and save.

Setting up a flexible commissioning contract?

NHS Flexible commissioning Contracts can be set up on Dentally following the same process as a standard contract under Settings > Practice > NHS

Practice Settings

Additional Practice Setting web pages

Each tab in Practice Settings has its own helpful web page. Select what you need from this list:

Practice Settings - Other Settings - Security, Custom fields and charting, Support, Internationalisation, Payments, Portal

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