Practice Settings is the place to go when you need to manage practice details. Site Settings is where you manage settings for your site. You must have Level 4 (Administrator) permissions to alter Practice settings.

Select Settings and click Practice Settings.

practice settings Dentally

Practice Setting is split into 7 tabs:

If you have asked to Export your Dentally data, there will also be an Export tab here.

Practice Settings - Postal tab

Set up any post or physical mail i.e. not email settings.

Dentally Mail

  • Enable Dentally Mail so that you can send letters directly from within Dentally.

  • Dentally mail is chargeable.

  • Select the default mail class, first or second

  • Select if you would like your letters to be in colour or black and white (monochrome).

  • Save your Dentally Mail settings.

postal practice settings dentally

Practice Settings

Additional Practice Setting web pages

Each tab in Practice Settings has its own helpful web page. Select what you need from this list:

Practice Settings - Patient Communication Settings

Practice Settings - Recall Settings

Practice Settings - NHS Settings

Practice Settings - Custom Field Settings

Practice Settings - Other Settings - Security, Custom fields and charting, Support, Internationalisation, Payments, Portal

Practice Settings - Billing Settings and Export

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