🆕 New: Data tags. We have added a number of new data tags to be used in your correspondence:

[patient_hygienist] - anywhere you want to mention the patient's registered hygienist

[patient_dentist_recall_interval] - anywhere you want to show the patient's recall interval

[patient_hygienist_recall_interval] - anywhere you want to show the patient's hygienist recall interval

[appointment_duration] - for use on appointment reminders, for example. Show the duration of the appointment mentioned in the message.

🆕 New: Permission Level. We have now added an option so that non Level 4 permission users can delete a recall for patient. Useful for when a patient needs to have an appointment sooner and you can then delete the recall that was already in place.

🌟Improved: The waiting list report is now further sorted by patient name

🌟Improved: Dentally now supports SDR 147 for NHS Scotland

🌟Improved: NHS practices in England can now report the number of AGP appointments a patient has had to the NHS

🐛 Fixed: NHS Scotland Code. We have now set up Scottish Code 3701 to be based per course of treatment and not charted as tooth specific.

🐛 Fixed: NHS Scotland e-Ortho. We have now amended the annotations ordering to appear in a more ordered manner.

🐛 Fixed: Resolved an issue with the invoices bar chart on the dashboard not displaying correctly when looking at the last 7 days.

🐛 Fixed: Multi-Site Invoices. We have fixed an issue for multi-site users when invoices were being created using the user's default site and not their current site location.

🐛 Fixed: We've the broken URL that took you to the online appointment booking settings page

If you have any queries then please do speak to the Support team.

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