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October 2020 - Changelog
October 2020 - Changelog

Please find below the changelog for October 2020 which summarises our latest product developments and updates.

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🆕 Coming soon: We've been working on a tool that allows you to create and manage a practitioner's working pattern. It'll allow you to easily manage and schedule your practice diary. We'll be beta testing this with a few select practices later this month so please get in touch if you'd like to learn more.

🆕 New: NHS Scotland e-Ortho new codes have now been added.

🌟Improved: We've added estimates and invoices as trigger actions to the Automated Patient Communication beta. This means you can now automatically send your patients a copy of their invoice after it's been created or automatically reminder them that their invoice is still unpaid. You can combine this with the online payment links to automate collection of your outstanding debts. We've also added appointment reason as a filter on the appointment trigger. Automated Patient Communication is currently in beta but will be available for everyone over the coming weeks.

🌟Improved: A sundry added to an invoice can now be zero value

🌟Improved: Support has been added for practices in Lithuania

🌟Improved: Email address has been added to the site endpoint on the API

🌟Improved: Completed and/or charged treatments can now be reordered on a treatment plan

🌟Improved: We've added "Orthodontics" to the list of justifications when uploading a radiograph to Dentally

🌟Improved: Multisite practices can now filter their list of recurring appointment by location

🌟Improved: When charting a non-NHS treatment on an NHS patient we now set the payment plan to your practice default rather than just "Private"

🌟Improved: Exporting your treatment list now includes durations

🌟Improved: The patient popup on the calendar now includes the patient's age

🌟Improved: The waiting list report can now be ordered by patient name

🌟Improved: We've made the background colour of BEWEs light yellow so that it's easier to distinguish them from BPEs at a glance

🌟Improved: Stripe now appears in the payment totals on the takings report

🐛 Fixed: We've fixed an issue where the calendar showed appointments as being out by 1 hour on the Sunday the clocks went forwards or back.

🐛 Fixed: When recording a new BPE/BEWE exam Dentally will now always start on the BPE tab rather than the tab that you last selected

🐛 Fixed: BEWEs now have a light yellow background colour so it's easier to differential them from BPEs at a glance

🐛 Fixed: When charting only a BEWE we no longer reset the BPE due warning

🐛 Fixed: Editing a specialist directly from the search box now works exactly as expected

🐛 Fixed: Clicking the treatment plan count on the dashboard now sets the correct filters on the treatment plan report

🐛 Fixed: We've addressed an issue that caused the dashboard to fail to load for some users

🐛 Fixed: Popup boxes with extra long content now scroll as expected

🐛 Fixed: A count of the number of appointments on the appointment report is now displayed again after it disappeared briefly

🐛 Fixed: When cloning a six pocket perio chart both plaque and bleeding are also now cloned

🐛 Fixed: Only notifications with a link to a downloadable file now show the download button/icon

If you have any queries then please do speak to the Support team.

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