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How do I track all bad debtors?
How do I track all bad debtors?

How to use the Patients Report to track all bad debtors

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Keeping on top of your finances is important to your practice and keeping up with your credit control is one of the ways to do this.

Identify those patients who are bad debtors using the Patients report, then contact them to chase their overdue payments.

Dentally Patients Report icon

Bad debtors

If you have already marked patients as bad debtors, use the Patients Report to filter

  • is active to Yes

  • Bad Debtor is set to Is true

Dentally Patients Report Bad Debtors segment
  • Save the segment as Bad Debtors

Send messages to all bad debtors

To send lots of messages all at once you need to use the bulk messaging system in Dentally.

Follow the instructions here to contact all your bad debtors from the Patients Report screen.

Keep Bad debtors list updated

When you open the Patients Report, select the segment from the list at the top of the screen. The criteria haven't changed, and the data within the Patients Report will reflect the most up to date information from your Practice.

Dentally - Patients Report Custom Reports picker

The Patients Report

To learn more about the Patients Report and how you might use it, we have a number of tutorial webpages for you to refer to.

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