You may want to send out marketing type emails to your current patients to keep them informed about the current situation as it affects your practice, or about new services or to remind them to maintain great oral health.

Under GDPR rules, in order to receive marketing type emails, your patients MUST have opted in to receive marketing information from you.

You can see whether a patient has given consent, on the patient's details tab.

Dentally Patient Details Marketing Consent given

The Patients Report

Use the Patients Report to filter all those active patients with marketing consent and who can receive emails.


Set the filters to:

  • Active > Is Active (this is already set by default)

  • Marketing > Is true

  • Receive email > Is true

Save your segment. You could call it "Receive email marketing"

Send marketing emails to your patients in the new segment

To send emails to this newly created segment,

  • Ensure that you are able to send emails to this number of patients.

  • Ensure you have already written the email template you are going to use.

  • In the Patients Report, ensure that you have selected the correct segment.

  • From the top right of the screen select the send message icon - it looks like a paper aeroplane

  • The segment will have been selected for you

  • Select the message type - in this case email

  • Select the email template from the drop down list

  • Review the email

  • When you are satisfied that the email is correct, click on Send.

  • Or, if you want to send it later, click on Save for Later.

Dentally email from template using segment of Patients Report

To send emails to a large number of patients

If you see the phrase "Exceeds Limit" you will need to increase the number of patients you are able to contact at once from the Patients Report. A user with Level 4 (Administrator) permissions can do this.

Dentally Patient Segment Exceeds limit
  • Go to Settings > User

  • Click on the Edit icon to the right of the user's name

  • In the Security section, increase the number of patients that can be contacted via the Patients Report

Dentally User Security limits
  • Save the setting

NB When you have sent the emails, you may wish to lower this limit again.

Email Templates

To send correspondence from the Patients Report, you will need to have set up an email correspondence template.

For help with correspondence templates, take a look at our web page on Correspondence Templates.

Correspondence/Marketing email

The email address that is sent out on all correspondence to patients through dentally can be adjusted if needed. To amend this select Settings and click Site; the Marketing Email then displays in the bottom right hand side. Once a change is made to this field select Save.

The Patients Report

To learn more about the Patients Report and how you might use it, we have a number of tutorial webpages for you to refer to.

The Patients Report

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