How do I use Dentally reports to pay associates?

Lets that a look at how to use the Payment Allocations report to pay your associates...

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We recommend using the Payment Allocations Totals report in Dentally to work out what you owe your associates each month ๐Ÿ’ฐ

When a practitioner invoices a patient and the payment is taken by reception, the payment will automatically be allocated to that invoice and the practitioner associated to it. Skip to how to run the report here
Using Payment Allocations and Payment Allocations Totals reports ensures that the practitioner is allocated the payment only when they have invoiced and when the patient has paid. Payment Allocations removes the manual step of selecting which practitioner the money is allocated to, meaning that no human errors can occur.
If the patient is paying in advance of an invoice being generated by the practitioner, the funds will remain in your site totals which you can view in the Payment Allocations Total report under Site. It will then only be allocated to the Practitioner once they have invoiced and the patient has paid.
You can filter the report to the date range you wish to view and you will see the practitioner totals for that period, using this ensures you are not paying your associates for work they have either not yet completed or for work that your patients have not yet paid for.

Please note that currently the Payment Allocation Reports will not be switched on as default for UK practices. Please speak with support via Live Chat in Dentally to request that this be enabled for your practice.

Running the report

Example Video below๐Ÿ‘‡ - Skip to step-by-step instructions here

Step-by-step instructions

  • Got to Reports on the left sidebar in Dentally

  • Find and click on your Payment Allocation Totals report

    • You can even click the star to favourite this for later

  • Select your required timeframe

    • This will default to the last month.

  • Look for the total figure for each practitioner to see how much to pay your associates that month.

  • You can even click into each practitioner for a breakdown of each payment & invoice and which patient these are for. (this breakdown will take you to the Payment Allocations report)

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