If you use the Income Report to pay associates, you will want to know that each associate has been allocated the correct amounts from the paid invoices.

If two (or more) associates perform treatment on the same patient, they will want to make sure they get paid for the work that they each do.

Dentally Invoice showing two practitioners

Complete Separate Treatments

To ensure the Income Report reflects the income generated by each associate, they MUST use separate treatments and complete and charge them, in their own name.

For example:

Dentist Bob Young logs into Dentally, opens a new treatment for Mrs Y, and charts an Exam. He completes and charges for the Exam.

Hygienist, Fran Fold, logs into Dentally, opens a new treatment for Mrs Y (the same patient as Bob), in the same or a different Treatment Plan. She completes and charges for a Hygienist Assessment.

In this way, the fee for an Exam will show for Bob Young, and the fee for Hygienist Assessment will show for Fran in the Income Report and they can be paid appropriately.

Multiple treatments on one invoice

Charges for the two treatments in the example above, can be on the same invoice but the individual treatments, because they have been completed and charged in the correct practitioner's name, will show as separate amounts on the Income Report and the Practitioner Activity Report.

Referred Treatment

Where a Dentist charts a hygiene appointment, for example, ready for the hygienist to carry out at a later date / time, the dentist will be shown as the referrer, and the hygienist will show as the practitioner.

Dentally Practitioner and Referrer Chart Treatment

You can track referrer stats in the Practitioner Activity Report.

More about the Income Report

To learn more about the Income Report and how you might use it, we have a number of tutorial webpages for you to refer to.

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