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How to view practitioner productivity using the Practitioner Activity report in Dentally
How to view practitioner productivity using the Practitioner Activity report in Dentally

How to find out how many treatments a practitioner completed, and how long they spent on those treatments in a set time period.

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The Practitioner Activity Report will help you to see the number of patients, appointments and treatments each practitioner has completed over a period of time, and how much time has been spent on those treatments.

Individual Practitioners can only see data for the work they have completed.

Users with Level 3 or 4 Permissions can see the data for the whole practice.


Here are 3 examples of the sorts of questions you might be asking.

i) How do I see the treatments charged between dates and amount of time they took up?


ii) Between X and Y dates, how much of X treatment did Practitioner A do and how long did they take?


iii) How do I find out how many hours were spent by an individual practitioner on private exam treatments last month?

Use the Practitioner Activity Report.

Set the filters :

  • Set the Date field to Completed On - this filters treatments by the date that treatment was completed

  • Set the From and Until fields e.g. 1 October to 31 October

  • Set the Location (if applicable)

  • Set the Treatment Category e.g. DIAGNOSTIC

  • Set the Treatment e.g. Exam

  • Set the Practitioner - if you want to see by individual Practitioner.

  • Set the Referrer - or leave as any referrer

  • Set the Payment Plan e.g. Private

The Practitioner Activity Report Data

The Practitioner Activity report will show you totals for the number of patients seen, the number of hours spent on those appointments, and the total amount invoiced. (Please note this is NOT the amount paid.)

Dentally Practitioner Activity Report showing number of Exam appointments

Export Data

To find this data for all Practitioners, you can set the Practitioner filter to Any Practitioner and and export the data and filter by Practitioner in your spreadsheet.

Practitioner Activity Report

To learn more about the Practitioner Activity Report and how you might use it, we have a number of helpful web pages for you to refer to.

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