Use the Appointments Report to show you how long patients are waiting between checking in and going into surgery, and how long they are in surgery.

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Use filters to see the data you are looking for.


Dentally Appointments Report Completed Filters
  • Date - Appointment filters by the date the appointment was set to occur

  • Set the From and Until dates - N.B. You can select any dates to see the report on screen. If you want to Export the data, you will need to select 31 days and no more. If you wanted 3 months worth of data, you would need to select each month and export each month individually.

  • Select the Location if applicable

  • Set the Status to Completed

  • Set the Practitioner if you want to see this data for an individual practitioner

Export data

The data on the screen currently shows the time allocated for the appointment reason. It doesn't currently show the waiting time, the duration in surgery. To gain access to this data, you need to Export the data.

Dentally Appointments Report Exported Data showing Duration, Wait duration, in surgery duration

When you export data, you download a .csv file that will open in a spreadsheet, such as Excel.

N.B. Please ensure that patient confidentiality is maintained throughout. Be careful who has access to this data. Dentally cannot guarantee security of any data once exported from Dentally.

The column headings will allow you to see the additional data you are looking for, in this instance. The ones you will want to look at are:

  • Duration of Appointment - as set in Settings > Treatments

  • Wait duration - how long the patient was in the waiting area - the time between the patient had been marked as "Arrived" and "In Surgery". A minus figure shows the patient arrived and was seen early

  • In surgery duration - the difference between the start of the "In surgery" time and the time the treatment was marked as Completed.

  • You can further filter exported data by Practitioner if you so wish.

More about the Appointments Report

To learn more about the Appointments Report and how you might use it, we have a number of support information and tutorial webpages for you to refer to.

The Appointments Report

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