If you are finding there are gaps in the week's diary, and you would like to find out who cancelled and when cancellations occurred, so that you can re-book appointments and fill the diary, you can find the answers in the Appointments Report.

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You need to use the filters in the Appointments Report to show the cancelled appointments. You cannot see cancelled appointments on the calendar because once the appointment has been cancelled, they automatically come off the calendar.


Set the filters on the left hand side of the Appointments Report :

  • Set Date to Appointment

  • Set the From and Until - if you want to see this week's diary, or this month's

  • Set Status to cancelled

  • Set Cancellation Reason to all or select from the drop down list

NOTE: if you hover over the "when" column it will give you a specific time of when the action occurred.

Dentally Appointments Report Cancellation filter

Delete or Cancel appointments

We recommend that you do NOT delete appointments. When you delete an appointment, the record of that appointment only remains in the patient's audit. It is far better to cancel the appointment. The cancellation can then be tracked using the Appointment Report.

NOTE: in order to find the time and date of the deleted appointment we have to match the ID on the deleted row to the previous created/updated action

Appointments Report

To learn more about the Appointments Report and how you might use it, we have a number of support information and tutorial webpages for you to refer to.

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