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I want to add something to an invoice
I want to add something to an invoice

How to change an invoice to add a sundry item or add a discount

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Invoices are linked to both treatment plans and payments. If you want to change an invoice you will need to check what it is linked to. For example, if an invoice has been partially or fully paid, you can not delete it or add any further items. If work on an invoice comes from a treatment plan which has been marked as complete, you will not be able to remove it until the treatment plan has been re-opened.

If you need to change the details of any charted items on an invoice, you will need to delete it. By default, only those with Level 4 (Administrator) permissions can delete invoices and payments. Level 2 or 3 users will need to have the permissions added individually in Settings > Users > Security.

Change a locked invoice

Invoices cannot be edited or deleted if they are locked.

Dentally Locked Invoice symbol
  • If an invoice is locked, you will see a padlock by it in the patient's accounts screen.

  • To edit or delete an invoice you first need to unlock it.

Tool Tip

Dentally Account Invoice locked tool tip

Hover your mouse over the padlock icon to see why the invoice islocked.

If an invoice is locked because it is paid or partially paid:

  • You need to find the payment associated with the invoice - by matching the invoice number to any payments that have that invoice number in their Summary line - and delete the explanation ONLY.

  • To delete a payment explanation, click on the bin icon next to the payment ONCE.

  • The payment will then have an orange question mark next to it, showing that it is ready to be explained to another invoice.

  • The invoice should now be showing you an option to edit or delete.

Dentally invoice available to edit or delete

If an invoice is locked because it contains treatments from a plan which has been completed:

  • Find the work on the invoice in the patient's Chart screen History.

  • Click the TP by that treatment plan item to display the treatment plan containing the work.

  • Click the 'Re-open treatment plan' button

  • Once all of the work on the invoice is on open plans, you should now see the option to edit or delete the invoice in the Accounts screen.

Add a Sundry Item

To add a sundry item to the invoice, BEFORE it has been paid

Dentally Invoice Add Sundry Item
  • Click on the pencil icon (as shown above)

  • Click on 'Add line Item'

  • Select the sundry item you want from the drop down list

  • Save the invoice

  • The sundry item will be added to the invoice total

  • If the sundry or item you wish to add has not been set up as one of your list of useable sundries, you can manually type the item's description and price.

Add a line item to add a discount or price reduction

You may wish to add a line item to add a discount.

Dentally Invoice line item showing price reduction
  • Click on add a line item

  • If you wish to reduce the invoice, add the description of the reduction

  • Add a minus number to the price. For example, if you wish to reduce the total by £30 type in -30.00 to the price field

  • Save the invoice

Change the treatment on an invoice

You may wish to change a treatment item on a treatment plan but are unable to do so because it has been charged on an invoice. In those cases, the invoice needs to be removed first.

Additionally, items that have been charged from a treatment plan need to be edited on the plan and re-invoiced. Check the article below on how to change these charged treatments and re-charge.

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