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How do I match unexplained payments to patients in Dentally?
How do I match unexplained payments to patients in Dentally?

How to deal with unexplained payments and how to match them to payments

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An unexplained payment is a payment that is not matched to, or explained against, an invoice. Normally, new payments would be automatically explained against unpaid invoices. Deposit payments for example would be legitimately unexplained until an invoice is produced to use this payment against - Dentally would usually automatically explain an unexplained payment against the next invoice which is produced.

The automatic allocation of payments can be disabled in your system settings. If you would like to enable it, go to Settings>Practice Settings>Other. In the Payments section, you will see the option to enable automatic allocation of payments.

Finding unexplained payments using the Takings Report

Use the Takings Report to see unexplained payments and the accounts associated with it.

Use the filters

  • Set the date

  • Set the location

  • Set the Explanation to Unexplained

Dentally Takings Reports Filter for Unexplained Payments
  • You can see the Transactions details, including the individual patients who have payments that are currently unexplained.

  • Open each patient's record, go to their account tab and explain each payment.

  • Refresh the report to keep your data current as you work through the report.

Dentally Takings Report

How to explain a payment in the account tab

  • From the patient's account tab, go to Payments.

  • Here find the payment that needs explaining

  • It will say "This payment needs explaining" and there will be an orange question mark next to the payment total.

  • A new dialogue box will open.

  • The payment amount will be filled in automatically.

  • Select the invoice to explain the payment against. If there are more than one invoice remaining unpaid, match against the correct invoice.

  • Add any notes. If you leave this blank, the invoice number will automatically appear here.

  • Remember that any notes you add will over write the automatic summary including the invoice number. You may want to add the invoice number in you want to add extra notes.

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