To set up an appointment calendar for a new Dentist, use the Rotas function. You must have Level 4 (Administrator) permissions to be able to do this.

Set up a Practitioner

You must first set the Dentist up as a Practitioner. If you ned help with this, take a look at our web page Adding a new Practitioner.

Diary Menu

Find Rotas under Settings > Diary

Dentally Rotas Main menu items


If the new Practitioner is going to be working to a standard pattern, and you already have that pattern set up as a Stencil, you need to apply that Stencil in a Schedule.

If the new practitioner is going to have their unique work pattern, set up a new stencil for that unique pattern.

Set up a Stencil

Dentally Rotas Add A Stencil
  • To set up a new stencil, click on + Stencil - top right of the screen

Dentally Rota New Stencil Screenshot
  • Set a unique name for the stencil. Make it easy to see from the name what the stencil is for.

  • Set the cycle - is it every week, every 2 weeks to suit the working pattern of the site. For a multi-week cycle, create the first week of the cycle, with hours, breaks, then change the cycle to 2 weeks. The second week will copy the first week, allowing for a much faster setup.

  • Set the location.

  • Enable the Stencil when you have completed the stencil schedule. The Stencil is not enabled by default. This allows you to set up Stencils in advance and enable them when you need them.

  • Stencils that are not enabled can be found under the Hidden filter.

Stencil Schedule

  • Now set up the pattern you wish to create.

  • Locate the stencil you wish to use from the Active filter

Dentally Rota Stencil showing Active filter

Set up Stencil Schedule

  • Set up the pattern of working hours.

  • If you want to add breaks, for cleaning or lunch, click on +Add break

  • Add the start and stop times

  • Select the time and click Done

  • Save the Stencil Schedule


Apply the appropriate Stencil to the Practitioner, whose name will now appear in the drop down list of available Practitioners.

You can set up the Schedule before the Practitioner arrives. This will enable you to book appointments from their first available day.

Add a new Schedule

  • To add a new schedule click on the +Schedule button

Dentally Rotas Add A Schedule
  • You now apply a stencil to your new practitioner

Dentally Rotas Schedule details
  • Set the start and end date. N.B. Once the practitioner, stencil and start date have been set, they cannot be altered.

  • Remember that the Schedule will automatically last for 4 years, unless you set an end date.

  • Once the Practitioner and the stencil have been selected, the schedule for that stencil appears. It can be altered for the individual practitioner if necessary.

  • Enable the Schedule

  • Save the Schedule


The Diaries gives you a list of practitioner availability for the dates set.

Select the date of the first day for the new Practitioner, to see that their appointment calendar is available.

Dentally Rotas Diaries screenshot

You cannot change or edit anything from this screen.

  • To change or edit a schedule you need to edit the schedule from the Schedules menu.

Additional Information

For more information about Rotas we have these available web pages

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