NHS Claims Report

You will want to keep on top of your NHS claims to ensure they are paid in a timely manner.

You need to have level 3 or level 4 permissions to be able to see this report.

Dentally NHS Claims Report Icon

  • Go to the Reports > Treatment section.

  • Find the NHS Claims Report

You may want to make it as a Favourite so that it always appears at the top of your Reports screen.

Claim Status

In the NHS Claims Report you will see several claim buttons.

  • New - Recently created - it very quickly moves to Queued.

  • Queued - waiting to be transmitted to NHS - you will only see this code if there is a problem with physical sending of the claim. You do NOT need to try to submit these claims again. It will happen automatically.

  • Received - The claim has been sent to the NHS and is waiting for their response.

  • Submitted - The claim was successfully submitted, and we are awaiting the reconciliation.

  • Queried - The claim has been queried. Often the response from Practitioner Services is that the amount you have claimed and that they wish to pay is different - Go to the individual patient record to see what to do next.

  • Error - There is an Error. Go to the individual patient record to see the error and error number, and to work out what to do next.

  • Invalid - The claim has something wrong with it and cannot be processed. Go to the individual patient record to see what is invalid and to work out what to do next.

  • Completed - Claim paid and marked as complete.

Payment & Reconciliation

Claims sent will usually be updated with their status - complete or invalid - the following afternoon.

A claim is submitted. It goes through some validation processes, and is sent on to "claims processing".

Invalid Claim status

Dentally NHS Claims Report Invalid claims

If there is an error during the validation process or at claims processing stage, the claim will be marked as invalid. The Claims Report will show this the next day.

To rectify invalid claims, deal with the invalidation reasons, and resubmit the claim.

Complete Claim status

Dentally NHS Claims Report Completed Claims

If there are no errors, the Claims Report will show the claim as complete. The UDAs claimed will be paid on your next monthly schedule.

Filter your NHS Claim Report

You now have the option to filter your NHS Claims report by submission date or Treatment Plan completion date. These filters will help your NHS Claims Report to mirror more closely your NHS UDA Report.

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