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How do we find out our total UDAs received this year?
How do we find out our total UDAs received this year?

How to use the NHS Reports to find out your total UDAs/UOAs or forecast UDAs /UOAs

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At the end of the accounting period, you will want to know whether you are on track with your NHS contracts. For all work submitted via Dentally, the NHS Claims report and the NHS UDAs report will give you the answers.

NHS Reports

NHS UDAs Report

The NHS UDAs report will show you how many claims have been submitted and their status. It will show you the claims for each Practitioner.

Dentally NHS UDAs report

Set the filters.

  • Select the Location

  • Select the date range - from and until

  • Leave the Activity Type to UDAs

  • Select the NHS Contract


To drill down to see the details for a status, click on then bar and it will give you the breakdown by Practitioner.

To return to the full UDAs report, click on the "Back to UDAs" button top right of the chart.

What do the Statuses mean?

UDAs can be seen on this report as soon as a claim is created and submitted, the status of the UDAs depends on the status of the claim:

Completed: Essentially this means 'Paid'. With daily schedules enabled, a claim will be marked as completed when the NHSBSA send back a claim response the next day stating that the claim will be included on the next monthly schedule.

Pending: The claim has been sent, but no response has yet been received. With Daily Schedules enabled, all claims should have some sort of a response by end of the next working day.

Error/Invalid: The last response you received for these claims was a message to state there was an issue with it. These are best dealt with using the NHS claims report. As soon as a claim is re-sent after sorting any issues, the claim status will return to Pending. So, the only claims with a status of Error/Invalid have not yet been dealt with and need input.

Queried: The claim has been returned on a schedule, but the UDAs awarded was not that which was requested. These can be dealt with again through the NHS Claims report and should either be resubmitted for consideration or marked as Complete. The UDA value received will be awarded to the Complete total.

Please be aware that the report shows inactive providers (practitioners) who have not been active for over 3 years. In order to remove these the practitioner needs to have their performer number removed.

Individual Claims

You can access these individual claims through the NHS Claims Report, filtering to see the required status.

UDA Forecast Report

Dentally NHS UDAs Forecast Report

The UDA forecast will show you all plans which are ongoing and provide you with warnings if they are due to run out of the 2 month time frame.

At the top of the UDA Forecast Report, the labels show the number of claims associated with each label.

Dentally UDAs Forecast Labels

Use the Filters to locate the status, for example those claims in Danger.

Dentally UDA Forecast Filters Danger

You can now see the claims that are in danger of being out of time, and can go directly to the Treatment Plans.

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