"Further Treatment Within 2 Months invalid"

For continuation claims to pass validation with the NHSBSA, there must have been a same band or higher claim submitted under the same contract for the patient with a completion date within 2 months of the start date of this continuation claim.

Continuation claims mean the patient will not be charged for the treatment, but the UDA value will still be received.

There are two main reasons why claims are queried.

  1. It is outside the 2 month window

  2. There was not an appropriate previous claim

Continuation of Treatment conditions

The conditions for continuation of treatment

  • the dates are very strictly set to two calendar months from the end date on the claim.

  • the course of treatment needs to be in the same band or a lower band than the previous claim before it will be considered.

How to manage the invalid claim

If you agree that the claim returned with the error should not be a continuation treatment, you should resubmit with the continuation marker removed.

Dentally Continuation of Treatment selection

Additional NHS Claim Error support documentation

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NHS Scotland Specific Errors

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