SNOMED CT is a structured clinical vocabulary for use in an electronic health record.

In Dentally you are able to add SNOMED codes to your existing treatment items, or add SNOMED codes when setting up new treatment items.

Add a SNOMED code to an existing treatment

Dentally Add SNOMED code - treatment items
  • Go to Settings > Treatment Settings
  • Edit an existing treatment or Add a new treatment
  • To complete the SNOMED code field, select the appropriate code from the drop down list
Dentally Treatment items SNOMED drop down
  • Save the treatment

Add a SNOMED code to a new Treatment

Dentally NEw Treatment - add SNOMED code
  • Add a SNOMED code to a New treatment
  • There is no select drop down list. You need to either look up the SNOMED code for your new treatment and add it here.
  • OR Save the treatment. Then Edit the Treatment and select the SNOMED code from the dropdown list.
  • Once selected, save the treatment.

We have a helpful web page on how to add and edit a treatment code in Settings.

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