Zapier is a helpful tool that allows you to connect your different software platforms and apps and then automate workflows in a simple and easy way.

You can create an automated workflow using tools within Dentally and integrations with other software platforms such as Zapier and Mailchimp.

Dentally and Zapier integration link

N.B. There is NO publicly available Zap for Dentally. You MUST use the Dentally invitation link. The Dentally Zapier invitation can be found here

In order to use the Dentally Zap, you MUST have a valid login email address which is registered for use with Dentally.

How Zapier works

Zapier works by identifying a trigger event in Dentally, such as an appointment creation or a patient record update. This generates an action known as a ‘zap’ that securely passes relevant information to another platform.

How to link Dentally and Zapier

To link Dentally and Zapier, first go to

  • Sign up to create an account or if you already have an account, log in.

Login to Zapier Screen
  • Choose your role and your company size

  • Connect your apps

  • When you get to the Welcome to Zapier page, you now need to be invited to join the Dentally app.

  • Once logged in to Zapier, use the link here to be invited to join the Dentally App

Dentally invitation to join Zapier with Accept invitation button
  • Accept the invitation - Click on Accept invite and Build a Zap

  • You will be asked login to Zapier to confirm your account.

  • Login with your email again

  • If you have logged in successfully you arrive at the initial Zapier screen

Dentally successful integration with Zapier
  • Now you need to connect Zapier to the Dentally app

  • Click on Make a new Zap

  • Name your Zap

Set Dentally as Zapier trigger
  • This is where you need to search for the Dentally app

  • Search for Dentally

  • Click on Dentally Advanced 1 - by invite

Search for Dentally app in Zapier
  • Choose your account

Sign in to Dentally via Zapier
  • Sign in to Dentally - use the same email address you use to log in to Dentally.

  • Choose your app and a trigger event

  • For Dentally, the events you can select are Appointment Updated and New Appointment

Dentally Choose app & event in Zapier
  • Select the trigger event and click Continue

Select trigger in Dentally app
  • Select Dentally app to integrate with

Dentally Zapier Choose Dentally account for trigger
  • Continue by following the on-screen instructions to build your zap.

Log in to Zapier next time

Once you have used Dentally as a trigger once, you can easily link to Dentally again. It is now available to you in your list of Zaps

Dentally app in Zapier list

No Zapier Integration

If you login to Zapier and search for Dentally, and you see this screen, which says there are no customer integrations on Zapier, it means you have not clicked on the invitation link above.

Simply click on the link above and follow the steps

Dentally - no integrations with Zapier

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