When you chart an unerupted tooth, it is marked as missing. However, once the tooth has erupted, you will need to reset the missing marker so that it can be charted and any treatment required can be recorded.

Treatment settings to mark teeth as missing are found in Settings > Treatments & Plans. You need to have Level 4 (Administrator) permissions to edit treatment settings.

Do NOT Delete treatment

To chart treatment on a tooth which has erupted, and is now present, there is no need to delete any previously charted treatment. What you charted remains true at the point at which you completed the chart. This charting is retained in the Charting History tab.

As the tooth appears, you simply reset the tooth to remove the previous marker of missing and graphically reset the tooth to indicate it is present in the mouth. You do this using the Treatment of Reset.

To chart a Reset

To chart a reset

  • Select Reset from the list of Treatment items

  • Apply the Treatment to the relevant tooth

Dentally Chart Reset Tooth - before reset complete
  • Complete the Treatment

As you can see in this image, the tooth is graphically present. This only happens after you have marked the Reset treatment as complete.

Dentally - chart & complete reset tooth - tooth shown on chart

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