To add PDS Plus to you NHS contract in Dentally, you need to have Level 4 (Administrator) permissions.

  • Go to Settings > Practice Settings > NHS tab > NHS Contracts section

Edit or add NHS Contract in Dentally Practice Settings
  • To edit an existing contract click on the Edit icon next to the existing contract

  • To add a new contract, click on +New button

  • Complete all fields and click PDS Plus check box

  • Save

Dentally NHS Contract PDS Plus checkbox

Submitting claims with PDS Plus

PDS Plus contracts require additional data when submitting claims.

  • Chart and complete treatment as normal.

  • Submit the Claim

  • Select the NHS Contract you wish to send this claim under

  • If it is a PDS Plus contract, new fields appear as part of the claim submission

Dentally NHS Claim screen showing additional PDS Plus data fields
  • Complete all fields

  • Remember to complete the Triage fields

  • Click Next

  • Check your Declarations

  • Submit

NHS Claims Report

Track the progress of your NHS Claims through the NHS Claims Report. Read our support webpage here

Additional NHS Support

For additional NHS support take a look at our NHS web pages here

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