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The error message that is returned from the NHS says "Claim overlaps/duplicates an existing claim for the same patient, the same contract or performer."

How to Resolve

  • To find out where the duplicate or overlapping date is go to the patient's NHS Claims tab.

  • Locate the claim with an error marker.

  • Hover your mouse over the calendar next to the Treatment Plan: the start and end dates of the Treatment Plan are displayed.

  • In order to be able to successfully submit the claim, you need to check the start and end date of the treatment plan and change it if this is incorrect.

  • If the overlap is genuine and you wish to submit this claim in place of the claim it is overlapping, the best course of action is generally to Withdraw the previous claim and submit this one in its place the following day.


The claim defaults the start date to the first element of completed treatment on the treatment plan. The claim end date defaults to the date you first submitted the claim.

How to change the start / end date of a claim

  • To change the default start and end dates locate the treatment plan used to raise the claim.

  • Submit Claim.

  • On the second screen alter the start or end date and click Submit.

For more help with NHS Claims, take a look at our support doc Submitting an NHS Claim

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