Claim Error

E000852 - For a claim type 2, the patient must be registered with a different list number at the same practice on the acceptance date

Error Explained

This error only occurs for NHS practices in Scotland and refers to claims that have been sent as a 'Type 2' claim where this is deemed as not appropriate.

A 'Type 2' claim is where the patient is registered with a Dentist at the same practice where work is carried out and claimed by another Dentist. In Dentally, we check that the Dentist on the claim is the same as the Dentist set in the patient's Details tab and if they are different, the claim is sent as a Type 2 automatically.

The main question to ask when you are trying to resolve this error is "With which dentist is this patient registered in the patient details?" If it is indeed correct that the patient is registered with another dentist at the practice and the details screen reflects this, then the Type 2 has failed because the NHS records do not show this patient as actively registered with another Dentist there.

Patient Registered at another Practice

The most common reason for this error message is that the patient is usually registered at a different practice. This becomes a Type 3 claim and again this is done automatically when Dentally sees that the option in the patient's details is ticked to say that the patient is actually registered elsewhere.

To Resolve this error

Check where the patient is registered and with whom, in the Patient Details tab.

  • If the patient's registration needs to be moved to the dentist carrying out the work, change this in the patient's Details screen and resubmit the claim.

  • If the patient is registered at another practice, tick this option in the patient's Details screen and resubmit the claim.

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