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May 2021 - Changelog
May 2021 - Changelog
Please find below the changelog for May 2021 which summarises our latest product developments and updates.
Written by Clare Levy
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πŸ†• Recall Automation: We have now added a location filter to the workflow for automating recalls.

The addition of a location filter in the Automated recall workflow set up allows those users using Dentally's multisite feature to create specific recall workflows for each location.

This means that the recalls for each specific location in your multisite environment can use their own correspondence templates. For example; where different messages are required or indeed if a different contact strategy altogether is preferred for that location.


πŸ†• User Permission. We have made a number of changes to permission levels to provide a greater variation in the different degrees of access that staff can have.

The changes include:

  1. Manage Daily Diary. When this permission is selected it will allow users to edit recurring appointments, session appointments, diaries, schedules, stencils and waiting lists.

  2. Can manage templates. When this permission is selected it will allow users to edit templates.

  3. Can run takings and sundries reports over a specified period. When this permission is selected it will allow users to run takings and sundries report over a specified period.


πŸ†• Wales NHS Claims. To improve successful claim submissions that contain Acorn assessments for Wales NHS practices, we have added a new warning message to help users. Where an exam is not specifically charted on the treatment plan, a new option is displayed to allow the user to notify instances where an Exam or other assessment type was not possible. In those instances an Acorn assessment can not be submitted and the user will be informed of this on submission.

πŸ†• Patient Portal - Practitioner search box. Linking practitioners to your online appointments is now easier. We have introduced a practitioner search box to quickly find and add your practitioners. You can search by first name, last name and by location.

By location:


By name:


🌟 Improved: Patient Portal. You can now easily see which practitioners are linked to your online appointments, making it easier to manage and see which services are available.

🌟 Improved: Users Level 1 and higher can now delete recurring appointments that have been assigned to a patient

🌟 Improved: The delete button is hidden from appointments and clipboard for recurring appointments (without a patient) for Levels 1 and 2

πŸ› Fixed: Patient Portal - We have fixed an issue for new patients booking their first appointment online who then were unable to see their new appointment information when logging into Patient Portal.

πŸ› Fixed: We have resolved the issue with the scroll spacing on the treatment plans sidebar.

πŸ› Fixed: We have corrected the styling on NHS claim section.

πŸ› Fixed: The display issue where the tasks list had lots of subtasks has now been fixed.

πŸ› Fixed: There was a small issue with PDF font sizes, which has been resolved.

πŸ› Fixed: Users no longer get an error message when archiving a patient.

Any queries then please do speak to the Support team.

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