Dentally makes it easy for you to record and manage finance payments, and to report payments against practitioners.

Take a payment on Finance

To take a payment on Finance,

  • Go to the patient's account tab

  • Take payment

  • Enter the details in the payment field for the NET amount (the amount the finance company will supply the practice, ie minus the subsidy)

  • Select finance from the drop down list

  • Save the payment

take payment

If you have automatic payment explanation set, the services invoice will be automatically marked as part paid minus the subsidy amount.

Recording the Subsidy amount

If you pay your practitioners using the Practitioner Activity report, the figures will be slightly distorted if you mark the treatment invoice as fully paid to the full amount, because it reports on the total amount explained against invoices and you may want to pay the Practitioner for the actual amount you will receive from the finance company and not the gross amount of the invoice.

To make the correction you need to make a simple correction. This is a 2 step process.

  1. Create a new treatment called something like "Finance Payment" - you only need to do this once and save it to your Treatment list

  2. Chart and save the "Finance Payment" treatment on a new Treatment Plan.

Create a new Finance payment Treatment

You need to have Level 4 (Administrator) permissions to create a new treatment.

Go to Settings > Treatments and Plans> Create New

  • Complete the fields

  • Save the new treatment

This step only needs to be created once. It can now be applied as any other treatment in the charting tab.

Chart a Finance Payment

  • Go to the patient's chart

  • Open a NEW Treatment plan. It is VERY important that you create a NEW Treatment Plan, or you will affect the patient's settled invoice.

  • Chart a "Finance Payment" or whatever you have created your treatment.

  • In the Price field, enter the amount of subsidy as a minus number. IF the subsidy is £400, enter the price as -400.00

Dentally Finance Plan subsidy Treatment Showing as a minus figure
  • Charge this amount and the patient's records will show a negative invoice for the subsidy amount

    You then need to use this finance subsidy amount to full pay the original invoice. This will ensure that the patient's invoice for the full value is marked as paid, but the income to the practice and for the practitioner will take into effect the amount received from the finance provider

  • Create a zero value payment for the patient

  • Click the orange question mark to explain this payment against the Finance subsidy invoice and enter the negative value of that subsidy (eg, explain -£400 against the -£400 invoice)

  • This will give you a positive £400 to explain against the original services invoice and will mark this as fully paid

Your Practitioner Activity and Income reports will show:

The Gross value for the treatment provided by the practitioner.

A negative amount taken away for the finance subsidy.

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