How to make best use of your patient portal

Dentally’s Patient Portal allows you to manage your patients’ journey through your practice from pre-arrival to post-treatment, making your and their lives easier.

It helps you to minimise the time patients spend with non-clinical staff, enhancing the contactless reception experience. We know how busy patients’ lives are and how they are used to having knowledge of and control over their lives at their fingertips. It is, after all, the new normal in this digital world.

Give patients control

With the Patient Portal, your patients have 24/7 access to their dental care arrangements and eliminate the need for you to perform specific admin tasks for them. They can sign paperwork, book an appointment and pay deposits and invoices. All you now need to do is to let them know that they have this facility available to them.

Tell the world

There are many ways you can inform your patients that they have this ability.

Add a link to your Patient Portal

  • into your email footers on all outgoing correspondence,

  • into all your email templates

  • onto the bottom of your medical history questionnaire email

  • into your appointment reminder emails and SMS

  • into your estimate/consent templates

  • into your automation tools

When you add your links to these tools, all communications are tracked and can be monitored and accounted for using the audit tab.

Integrate your Patient Portal with Dentally’s automated communications

Dentally Template for all communications, including how to use the patient portal

Dentally’s automated communications allow messages to be scheduled around events such as appointments, creation of invoices or estimates. Using automation means that you never forget to email an invoice, or an estimate again. As you let Dentally take care of the communication, adding your Patient Portal link to your templates gives your patients the opportunity, at a time and place that suits them, to manage their oral health care and maintain good relations with you.

Take a look at our support document here to find out more about how to use Dentally's automated communications feature.

Medical History

You will want your new patients to complete a medical history before they arrive at surgery so place a link to the Patient Portal in your pre-appointment messages such as your appointment reminders.

Dentally  - Patient Portal Update Medical History

As they log in to the Patient Portal to see their appointment details, they see that they need to complete the medical history and they can do so at their convenience so that it is ready waiting for you on their arrival in surgery.

Use the automated communications to target new patients coming in to the surgery for a specific appointment reason, such as a New Patient Exam, and ask them to complete their Medical History before they arrive.

For more information about how patients use the Medical History aspect of the Patient Portal, take a look at our support document here.

Sign Treatment Plan Estimates and Consent forms

Once you have agreed with your patient the dental work that needs to be carried out, use the Patient Portal, coupled with the automated communications feature, to take away the need of having to remember to send forms, or having to chase patients to encourage them to sign so that work can commence.

Dentally Include Patient Portal link to your Estimates & Consent forms

To ensure that Estimate/Consent forms are signed, while maintaining a contactless reception, use an email template to send the document for signing, including a link to the Patient Portal in this template will give the patient access to the document where they can sign it.

Make it even easier for you, and use the automated communications feature to set up a rule which means that shortly after an Estimate/Consent form has been created, the link to the Patient Portal is sent to the patient encouraging them to sign it.

For more information about how patients sign Treatment Estimates and Consent Forms, take a look at our support document here.

Invoice payment

We know that managing invoices is important to the smooth running of the business.

Dentally Patient Portal - Account menu icon

Patients can pay their bills 24/7 through the patient portal and while it makes good business sense to allow this, it also allows patients to manage their money as flexibly as they need.

Point them to the Patient Portal with your email appointment reminder templates, suggesting they check their balance before their next appointment.

You can also use the Automated communications feature to chase unpaid invoices, pointing patients to use the Patient Portal to pay.

For more information about how patients can pay for treatment using the Patient Portal, take a look at our support document here.

Appointment Booking

When appointments are due you can use the Patient Portal to help you maintain your patients’ details. As you send them an appointment reminder, or from our recall template emails, add in a link to the Patient Portal to ask patients to check their contact details. This way they remain in control of their personal information, and again, helps the smooth process of the contactless reception.

Our support document here tells you how to help patients manage their contact details through the Patient Portal.

Additional support documentation about the Patient Portal

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