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July 2021 - Changelog
July 2021 - Changelog

Please find below the changelog for July 2021 which summarises our latest product developments and updates.

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πŸ†• Default NHS contract per practitioner. To improve your team's efficiency and reduce the number of clicks you need to do, you can now save a default NHS contract against a Practitioner's user profile. However, saving a default NHS contract does not restrict you from selecting another contract from the list when you are completing the claim form.


πŸ†• Patient Title. We have now added MX as a patient title to the patient details section.

πŸ†• Patient Info Card. We have added an Unbooked Appointments Icon to the Patient info card so that you immediately identify unbooked appointments.


πŸ†• Patient Report. We have now added the Insurance Number to the Patient Report.


πŸ†• History view. The default view when opening the history tab is now more clearly labelled to show that it is filtered with "complete treatments only".


πŸ†• Dashboard View. The home dashboard is now only visible for permission level 4 users.

πŸ†• Treatments. To help you better manage your treatments we have added an Active & Inactive filter.


🌟 Improved: Estimate print out. We have greatly improved the readability of the Estimate form with the addition of appointment totals and plan totals.


🌟 Improved: NHS Contract Setup. To help multi-site groups we have added two additional filters to the NHS Contracts page. You will now be able to quickly find NHS contracts based on site and status (active/inactive).


🌟 Improved: Location on Diary. This enhancement helps users, especially multi-practice groups, know which practice dairy they are looking at. When you switch locations in the app, the calendar will also change to show that location. You can easily load the diary of another site by clicking on the icon and then selecting the site.


🌟 Improved: Acquisition Source. We improved overall performance by modifying how the acquisition source was loading.

🌟 Improved: Merge Patient warning message. In an effort to reduce patient merging errors, we added a two-step process and very clear warning message when users want to merge patients.



🌟 Improved - Visibility of Treatment Codes has now been increased to five characters.


🌟 Improved. Added active/hidden filter to templates, to make it easier to identify templates that are actively used or ones that are not to be used.


🌟 Improved: Recall Report data export. We have added patient location data to report export so that admin users can cross-analysis the data.

🌟 Improved: Appointment Availability API. Practitioner availability now considers rotas and breaks as part of the returned data.

🌟 Improved: The default chart for new practitioners will show four rows instead of two rows.

🌟 Improved: The patient ID is now included in the NHS Claims export document.

πŸ› Fixed: The Day List printout will now include the name of the site instead of the practice.

πŸ› Fixed: You can now bulk edit appointments over multiple days.

πŸ› Fixed: The calendar drop-down menus no longer overlap.

πŸ› Fixed: Usernames are now displaying correctly when images are uploaded.

πŸ› Fixed: You can now save a follow-up question in the medical history questions.

πŸ› Fixed: You can now remove a doctor from the patient details page.

Patient Portal

πŸ› Fixed: Patient Portal - Email notifications. We've now resolved an issue that was stopping email alerts from being delivered for appointment notifications via Patient Portal.

Any queries then please do speak to the Support team.

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