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August 2021 - Changelog
August 2021 - Changelog

Please find below the changelog for August 2021 which summarises our latest product developments and updates.

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  • NHS Scotland. A new exemption; 'Under 26 years of age' will replace 'Under 18 years' and 'Under 18 years in full-time education'. The change to the exemption will be ready in line with the NHS Scotland 24th August 2021 deadline.

  • Payment Allocation Report will make it easier to track and make payments to associate practitioners. Details will follow soon.

  • Email Update. We are working on a few email enhancements like adding attachments to emails, saving a draft email, and deleting emails. Keep your eyes open for these improvements in the coming days!

πŸ†• Default Email Domain: Practices can now configure the default domain used to send and receive emails from Dentally. You can choose between a and Please contact the Support team if you need to change this setting.


πŸ†• Custom Email Domains: For our Advance Plan Customers, a custom email domain can now be used to leverage your brand or practice name when sending emails from Dentally. The custom email domain must be exclusively pointed to our email provider and we recommend the use of a subdomain. If you are on the Advanced Pricing Plan, then please contact the Support team who will be able to enable this for you.


πŸ†• Treatment Pricing: We have now added a location filter to the treatment pricing tab.


🌟 Improved: Takings Report has been updated to include the following:

  • The 'Amount' column has been moved to the left so that users can easily see takings values on smaller resolution screens without having to scroll across the page.

  • Explained and Unexplained columns have been added

  • Plan and practitioner columns will be removed for practices with Payment Allocations report turned on as these are no longer required with this feature turned on


🌟 Improved: Preferred name: You can now search for a patient by their preferred name and it is now visible from the appointment book so you can easily identify patients. A new merge field [patient_preferred_name] also allows you to address your communications to patients by their preferred name (if used and a patient doesn't have a preferred name it will use their first name).

Patient search by preferred name:


Preferred name on the appointment book:


πŸ› Fixed: Appointment Edit Button. When you go to cancel an appointment you used to have to shrink the screen in order to see the save button. This has now been updated.

Patient Portal

πŸ†• COMING SOON: Patient Portal - Patient Login.

We have developed a new precision login feature for our Patient Portal, which will improve the patient's experience of using the Portal and increase security by collecting & verifying mobile numbers and emails addresses against their patient record in Dentally.

This ensures the accuracy of contact details for your records and provides a way of validating data for enhanced security and better communications.

If you are interested in taking part in the BETA test for this exciting new development, then please email us [email protected]

🌟 Improved: We have tidied up how practice logos are displayed on the Patient Portal.

πŸ› Fixed: Sites were having issues where they couldn't create a promo/discount code for patients to use on the Portal. This is now resolved.

Any queries then please do speak to the Support team.

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