Setting up Default Email Address

How to set up a default email address in Dentally

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As Dentally becomes more global we understand that we need to provide the option for other domains. Currently, our default is but this has now been updated.

To enable your practice to be able to customise your Default Email Address you must

  1. Let the support team know, they from there will enable you to change your Default Email Address.

Once the Support Team have enabled Dentally Email Domain Choice for your account you must:

  1. Open your Dentally app

  2. Go to Practice Settings and select other.

  3. You will now notice a new section called Default Email Address.

  4. Select the drop-down menu and select either or (the mailbox section cannot be customised).

Note: When this feature is out of BETA testing the default domain will be .com until then it will remain as

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