To enable Custom Email Domains in Dentally you must:

  1. Be on the Advanced pricing plan with Dentally

  2. Notify the Support Team who will enable you to customise your email domains.

Once the Support Team has enabled the feature you must:

  1. Open your Dentally App

  2. Go to Practice Settings

  3. You will now notice a new section called Custom Email Domains

  4. Press the Register Custom Email Domain button.

Press the Register Custom Email Domain button.

5. We strongly encourage you to use a subdomain. This will be displayed on your screen. Please note: Your IT provider or website host company will be able to help you with this - please contact them directly to set up this stage with Dentally.

custom email domain

6. Once your subdomain has been created by your IT provider or website host then insert your subdomain into the custom box and hit save.

7. Once saved when you go back to the Custom Email Domain you will notice that your new domain is waiting to be verified - as seen below.

custom email domain pending

8. If you click on the DNS Verification button you will notice that the configuration process of your custom email domain could take up to 48 hours. However, if you encounter any issues please do contact support. (If the information below does not make sense to you then please get your DNS provider to complete the information below and ensure your website host or IT provider follow the steps provided. Each DNS provider is different so it is important you contact yours first as well as your website provider to ensure these stages are completed correctly.

9. Once verified you will notice a box that says Email addresses can be figured on the site settings page click the button and select the site you wish to view. Scroll down to the bottom of the page where you will see the Dentally Email section. Select the drop-down menu where you will now be able to view the verified customised Email Address. See below.

10. You can now in the Mailbox section edit the name to whatever you wish it to be. Once you hit save you are all done and everything is set. See below.

Note: If a multi-site practice you can, if you wish, have a personalised email address in one practice and default in another. The more email domains you register with your DNS provider the more options you will have in the domain dropdown menu.

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